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Our Services

Our members are therefore in an excellent position to advise you on such subjects as : 
- Setting up overseas branches and companies. 
- International tax planning for companies or individuals Offshore structures.
- International audits.
- Advice on commercial aspects of international trading international funding proposals matters relating to nationality and immigration.
- International corporate finance contacts.

External Auditing:

The main target of external auditing is to scrutinize the financial lists set by the administration to give feedback about the financial position of the company and its business results.
In addition to that, the company provides important guidelines and consultations for these organizations to achieve their desired goals, and to assist the senior management in decision making.

Internal Auditing:

Internal auditing is an independent and objective process that aims at levering any organization’s business value and developing it using precise and systematic methodology to evaluate the efficiency of risk-assessment, activity monitoring, management proficiency, and to develop all these procedures and activities.
Establishing a specialized department for internal auditing in the facility requires great expenses; and so, providing this service by MI will save time and effort for the organization finding competent experts to perform the job.


Accounting records and bookkeeping are vital elements for all business organizations, enabling owners and the administration to become aware of all procedures done by these organizations that enables them to measure the organization’s complementary or partial success. The accounting records are essential for taxation purposes and providing tax statements.
All sectors are subject to the law of income and sales tax, while some companies which were registered are subject to the sales tax. Companies are required to oblige to legal regulations, and in the case of violating these regulations the company will be fined and over-taxed. The companies now resort to a taxation expert to avoid legal violations and sometimes legal loopholes to avoid taxation. Our competent taxation experts provide the necessary guidelines to guarantee a proper tax planning.

Feasibility study

Capital owners must recognize the feasibility and the outcome of their investments, and thus, feasibility studies were required for the investment to be based upon. Specialized experts carry on these studies. Our expert pioneered this field from all aspects and branches in order to achieve the desired targets, provide safety for investors, and recognize all related challenges and elements.

Financial analysis

Financial analysis is essential to provide assistance for financial regulations users in setting up their futuristic plans through comparisons and trend analysis. An it can be said that financial analysis is essential in evaluating the organization and recognizing the following:
1- The organization’s capacity to fulfill its commitments to lenders.
2- Supervisory purposes assistance.
3- Deciding the competency of the organization’s management.
4- Exploring new investments opportunities and deciding on the feasibility of the investments.

Computer systems auditing

Considering the noticeable growth in computerized systems, it has become a must for individuals and organizations to be fully qualified to use and convoy with such rapid growth. Hence, all aspects of our lives have become computerized, especially in organizations and companies where computers became an essential dependable element. And so, it became required to have IT Audit. These programs must be checked and tested regularly to ensure the validity of its input, processing and output.

Strategic planning

1. Building an administrative strategic system (traditional method, and balanced scorecard system method); setting policies, procedures, templates and tools that are used to manage the strategy.
2. Developing strategic plans (traditional method and balanced scorecard system method).
3. Translating the strategy into operating plans and financial budgets.
4. Revision and assessment of the current strategy.
5. Training administrative strategy coordinators.
6. Training in-charge individuals on cogitation and strategic planning.

Financial and administrative systems

1. Organizing and reconstructing systematic structures.
2. Reconstructing governmental and organizational systems in accordance with international scientific standards.
3. Setting organizational regulations; administrative and financial.
4. Revising systems and regulations and providing development suggestions.
5. Setting procedural and systematic guidebooks.
6. Study, analyze and develop performance evaluation systems and methods.
7. Setting training plans for employees and workers in various administrative levels.
8. Evaluating internal monitoring systems in the governmental and organizational systems.
9. Simplifying work procedures in all organizations.

Organizational performance management

1. Evaluating organizational performance
2. Auditing work teams performances
3. Evaluating the management efficiency and competency
4. Training in the performance field
5. Applying monitoring and proceeding programs (Standard Go).